I recently sent my personal list and contacts this video and I thought I would share it with you as well. I feel this puts the hammer on the nail as we all need to be using the right tools to get our product and services out to the market whether its just locally or globally- these tools can help.

I also want to add some bonus sites that may come in handy if you are trying Top Rank Videos or using Solo Ads to reach out to future customers and team members.

You can check them out at your leisure but some of these are on limited basis dont wait too. long 🙂

Top Rank your video with Video Commissions training.. highly recommend!







I hope your thinking about joining a team that has coaching, mentors to take you to the next level!

talk to ya soon,

Richard Armenta

Revolutionize Your Online Business: Insider Tricks & Tips

The internet has created infinite opportunities for business, it’s up to us to seize them.

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The best part of having the time freedom of working from home is I get a chance to “call my own shots“. That means that while I work from my phone or desk I am taking the time to reach out to people or when you really get good.. people reach out to you! Working on the internet is hard so I will not lie to you but what I will tell you is that if you want to show success to your family or friends you are going to have to grind a little bit.

Depending on your learning curve and what you think your business is worth- you will need to invest some time and money. The term is “ramping it up” meaning I started with just $25 and was able to get some income off some of my earnings and re-invest it back into me and my business and began to “ramp it up!”.

*first nugget- One of the most often motivating video that I watch is here ===> CLICK!


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