Enjoying the desert in the southwest and sharing ideas, thoughts and sunshine.

Man playing bass Guitar
Bass player by trade

I did some videos with some friends that I made worldwide and some of this is pretty cool.

Fun jams and good time!

Several Videos on YouTube playing with other musicians

Full Time -Part Time

While holding down a good job I found it more rewarding doing mentoring, coaching and training the guys I hired. So much so that they have all elevated up in their titles, duties and were able to get offices and more flexibility due to the fact they are knowledgeable in what they do… and boy does that make me proud!

Which leads to some side hustle jobs I have tried and liked over the years and have shared with other with good success. I team up with some good programs and did well sharing these ideas with other and I have done a few blogs posts about it. I will update this list below as my journey continues.

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