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For people in the Direct Marketing World, Startnowclub has just released a video review of

This video covers how the Internet has brought about incredible change and opportunity like never before and along with that is the opportunity to reach more customers faster and more efficiently using SMS leads. We know when it all comes down to traffic we are trying all kinds of different ways to succeed and using SMS leads are a strong approach to touching customers who otherwise would not hear about you. says 292 million people in North America use text messages — that’s 80% of the total population. offers a low set up cost and provides compliant phone leads with the tools to create a full suite of voicemails automatically moving your prospect through your funnel to hear your message..

It also covers how using SMS leads with gives you the edge by adding ring-less voicemail that is proven to be very effective, non-evasive and compliant to assure you get the results you deserve based on your sales offer. This has been used to advertise non-profits, wellness and health and affiliate offers and more. Inside you will find training videos and examples to make sure you are staying compliant, current and social and even offers a way to become a reseller for the tool yourself. Being an affiliate has many benefits and StartNowClub is an affiliate of this tool and is compensated and so can you.

This new video review can be viewed at this link:

Author of , says “Honest reviews of my product are always welcome. Getting the word out is hard enough for entrepreneurs and marketers however using the right tools helps you get the field leveled out so you can compete, win and grow your business. Using is only one way of the top 3 ways to get more traffic and recognition but it is by far the most opened message you can send with open rates in the 90 percentile. “.

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