Personal and Legal Access Questions Answered

Personal and Legal Access Questions Answered
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Most people are learning how they can easily be compromising their personal or legal rights during these past few months with rent due, job layoffs, furloughs and workers taking up the job as food delivery workers during the corona virus pandemic looking to keep money in the bank. With the quarantine in place in most states, in the USA people are realizing they need groceries putting the demand high for these services and the new challenges have caused delivery drivers on the road to be cited from traffic violations or even questions on employee rights as a 1099 worker. At 520network there is access to a new phone app that focuses on keeping workers safe from legal issues on the both professional and personal side. In addition to answering questions regarding access to employment rights and the Economic Stimulus Package during the 2020 tax time, the most surprising facts explored during the presentation is keeping yourself safe from legal issues during these times by getting questions answered and even the possibility of having a law firm at the touch of a button in the US and most Canadian provinces.

The full agenda of this informative, quick and to the point video also includes:

Know Your Legal Rights Regarding Employment and the Economic Stimulus Package – Like many other people, there are questions about how the passage of legislation impacts food delivery workers and employment law.

This network includes experienced lawyers who can help with employment law and workers’ rights – Healthcare issues • If health insurance providers are legally required to cover doctor ordered tests • Setting up a power of attorney if you become ill • What legal documents are needed to be admitted to the hospital • Travel plans • There is a right way to be refunded for travel expenses such as hotel deposits or airline fees if you choose to cancel a trip • Demanding a refund if travel plans were canceled due to a travel ban or other government action.

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