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Brand New Video Discovery Reveals “Dirty Marketing Secrets”…
Plus Discover How Beginners Are Replacing Their 9-5 Jobs With Internet Income

You get high quality training in a classroom environment- NO REWIND BUTTON

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Overview-How To Put Together Your PreSell Content Using Reverse Engineering 011- Using already proven methods to find what works best to create your PreSell page is not as hard as you think. This training video taps into an often overlooked resource.
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  • FOCUS >> Turn off all distractions. These high content training videos will NOT allow you to rewind. You may pause them by simply clicking the video to start and pause it.
  • OWN IT >> I am offering for download the first 7-videos for $47. This pak contains 7-MP4 videos, 7-MP3 versions of the videos plus bonuses of 3 PDF’s packed with good information direct to your harddrive. *Benefit: You can watch on your PC at your own pace (this is how you will be able to control the rewind if you need it).
  • TAKE ACTION>> You may have seen it…95% of all marketers will fail! WHY? because for some reason we learn then we stop taking action on the knowledge we worked so hard for in the first place. I beg you to please take action. I know the struggle, I was there too…DONT QUIT.
  • GET COACHING >> Personal One On One Coaching changed everything for me. I was learning OK on my own then like a light bulb went off and it all started to come together. First I followed, then subscribed then I had a tipping point moment when I went one on one with a mentor who helped me get my questions answered and moved my business to the next level.
Frequently Asked Questions



I don’t have a lot of money but I want to get started-can I still do this?

Currently this free membership is exactly what you need so make sure you get on my mailing list and apply for my coaching. If a spot opens I will always take on someone that needs to make their first dollar and work with them as long as they follow my lead.

I want to get the Video Pak but it takes me to PayPal- Do you offer any other form of payment?

Right now Paypal is our payment method. You should be able to use credit card, PayPal Credit or Debit card. Part of the training explains the use of Paypal and I wanted to say consistent with the training.

How many videos are on the course?

I have about 100+ videos that are relevant to the focus of this course however some of these are advanced and will need to probably be in a paid membership environment. Use the free videos to get locked in on the basics, you will refer back to them if you get in on my coaching so please pay attention 🙂

Your coaching page is an application-can anyone get in ?

I am looking for a specific type of person but what I am truly looking for is a success story… not mine but yours! I have to be able to separate the real McCoys who want to do it from the tire kickers who are not willing to read a book or page on the very subject they are trying to learn. Go fill out the app and make an appointment me with me!
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